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The Legacy Society

Theta Chi Fraternity owes its strength and success to countless brothers who have labored for its welfare since 1856. Everyday our beloved brotherhood enriches the lives of men on college campuses across North America. Since 1953, The Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi has provided leadership experiences, scholarship opportunities, and fraternal bonding for our men.

The college environment has grown more complex, and with this complexity arises new challenges and new opportunities. Theta Chi Fraternity has succeeded due to the vision and planning of our fraternal forefathers. For the next generation to succeed, we need to clear a path for them to follow. The best way is by providing financial resources for our collegiate brothers.

With inflation, rising tuition costs, and other academic expenses, we need to extend a Helping Hand to our collegiate brothers by providing scholarships and leadership education opportunities.

We can support Theta Chi beyond our lifetime by preparing our future brothers with the resources to lead us forward; you can do so by making a consideration for Theta Chi part of your estate. The Legacy Society of Theta Chi is a collection of men who have a vision for a perfect brotherhood to grow and thrive. These brothers cherish their Theta Chi experience to a degree of selflessness, and they desire to see the values and friendships of this Fraternity live on forever. These men want to leave a Legacy for Theta Chi.

The Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi serves to develop and provide financial resources to promote the academics, leadership, and service ideals of Theta Chi Fraternity. In this brochure, you will find the most common ways to make a planned gift allowing you to leave your own legacy for Theta Chi Fraternity.

How will you be remembered?

To join The Legacy Society, complete the Planned Gift Verification Form and return it to the Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi at PO Box 503, Carmel, IN 46032 or email this Planned Gift Verification Form (Fill-In) to [email protected].