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Once A Scholarship Recipient, Past Grand Chapter Member Pays It Forward

Once A Scholarship Recipient, Past Grand Chapter Member Pays It Forward

Doug Miller (Zeta Beta/Adrian 1990): I have been blessed to have been associated with Theta Chi for over 36 years, or two-thirds of my life. Joining a fraternity was not an objective I had when coming to college, in fact, I did not receive a traditional bid - rather an "open" bid after formal recruitment had ended. I accepted that bid with the mindset that I could quit if I did not enjoy it.

Although I may have come in with trepidation, I quickly developed a passion for the organization that would last the rest of my life. I firmly believe in the concept that you only get out what you put in and so I tried to put in much, only to find Theta Chi would give me more back. I started volunteering immediately upon graduation and continued right up to today. The friendships that have been built are the closest ones to me. The satisfaction of mentoring young men is rewarding. The honor of being elected to, and serving on, the Grand Chapter was beyond words can describe.

I also was lucky enough to receive a Sherwood and Janet Roberts Blue Memorial Scholarship while in graduate school. This came at a time in my life where the grant made a huge difference in being able to attend grad school. I remember thinking I could not pay this back, but maybe I can pay it forward.

Because I believe in Theta Chi, its traditions and ideals, I wanted to contribute in a way that would last beyond my lifetime. It is with this in mind that I made a commitment to the Legacy Society by naming the Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi in my estate plan. I know this will enable young men in the future to benefit from our scholarship funds, first in class educational programming as well as supporting all the works that make us a premier men's organization.